Our Mission

Our mission is to provide necessary medical equipment, supplies, and medicine to community health organizations in need. DonateMed achieves its mission by collecting both monetary and in-kind donations of OTC (over the counter) medicines, surplus medical supplies and equipment. Donations are then distributed to qualified community health clinics in the greater Chicago area.

DonateMed aims to match in-kind donations with the actual needs of the community clinics. If equipment donations do not align with the clinics needs, the items will be sold, and proceeds will be used to purchase items that match exact needs of the clinics. Additionally, if in-kind donations received cannot be sold or donated within the U.S. (ex. expired supplies), DonateMed will donate the items to the international healthcare facilities that need them the most.

The Problem

In the city of Chicago, there exist many community health organizations that do not have enough funds to meet the needs of the populations they serve. Many organizations are staffed by nursing students, nurses, medical students, residents, and physicians who volunteer their time to care for people in the clinics.

Beyond needing health care professionals to administer services, these organizations need funds to cover the operating expenses required to run these clinics, including: medicine (prescription and non-prescription), medical equipment, medical supplies, office supplies, and nutritional snacks and water. The community health organizations can receive these funds from grants, but unfortunately, the demand for these funds exceeds the supply, and there are not enough funds to adequately support each community health organization.

The Vision

Our vision is a healthier Chicago.

DonateMed envisions a future where Chicago community health clinics will have the necessary resources to meet the healthcare requirements of those who need it the most. By bridging the resource gap in community healthcare organizations, it will allow the staff and volunteers to serve more people, and provide better healthcare by having the tools they need to treat and manage patients effectively.

Diagnosing problems and managing care of patients early on, especially of those who normally would not seek care due to costs, can lead to less severe outcomes and expenses down the road. This strengthens the overall health of our community.

DonateMed, Inc. is a 501(c)(3) organization and has been recognized as a public charity. Donations to DonateMed, Inc. are tax deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor if you have any questions regarding deductibility.