Facility Liquidation Services

Whether facing a complete closure, large-scale upgrade, or a site move, BidMed helps healthcare facilities assess their inventory, coordinate buyers for excess assets, and execute large-scale medical equipment liquidation projects.

Relocations + Expansion

You’re excited about the move and want to focus on the new facility — and you should! But there are still logistics to manage at the closing site.

We handle everything from inventory processing (which supports planning and projections) to final removal and project management.

Bankruptcy + Closures

When a facility closes, there’s usually a short window to vacate the site. But that doesn’t mean you can’t recover value from remaining assets!

We’ll handle processing and resale of existing equipment, as well as project management for logistics and removal.

BidMed’s full-service Facility Liquidations cover all the details:

Inventory & Planning

Complete Project Management

Auction Execution & Marketing

Focus on what you do best — let us do the rest!

Everything Tailored for Your Needs

Our entire process blends decades of combined experience with custom-built technology. Everything we do is tailored specifically for the medical industry.

Inventory & Planning

What equipment can be reused, and what resale value can roll into the budget for your new site? We help process inventory and develop a project plan, including financial projections for asset dispositions.

The BidMobile app enables our team to assess your inventory in record time — doubling typical processing speeds.
Then our specialists help develop a detailed strategy for all assets — deciding which items to reallocate and which to sell.
BidMed’s proprietary pricing database then empowers financial projections — resold assets often return unexpected value, extending the project budget even further.

Comprehensive Project Management

From initial inventory to final equipment removal, our on-site specialists handle every detail. Stay focused on your expertise while we handle dispositions.

Our team makes the process as frictionless as possible, integrating directly with your staff.
Detailed progress reports keep management up-to-date throughout the project.
We also help foresee complex logistical hurdles, from equipment removal to buyer pickup.

Auction Execution & Marketing

An extensive buyer network plus custom technology empower more successful auctions. And because we specialize in medical equipment, everything is tailored for this audience.

Extended Buyer Network | With a network of over 10,000 hospitals and dealers, we find the right buyers for all types of equipment.
Technology for the Market | Unlike other online marketplaces, our platform is built specifically for medical equipment.
Expert Marketing Channels | We know our buyers’ habits and preferences and can connect with them at the right time on the right channels.

Tech Suite for Streamlined Performance

Industry experience is the core of our top-tier project management service. But a proprietary tech suite empowers an even faster, more efficient process:

BidMobile app allows our teams to process a clean and accurate inventory in record time.
Surplus Management System integrates all data in one easy-to-navigate, cloud-based hub.
Online sales platforms make dispositions quick and effective, optimizing returns in record time.

Let us handle all the logistics!